The Youngest Mompreneur in India is a heartwarming treat to 2021

A subset of entrepreneurs which fascinate me are mother entrepreneurs, or Mompreneurs. The research I have done has led me to several conclusions. First, the ones that succeed are sensational multi-taskers; all moms are.

They have a keen ability to balance being both the CEO of the household and their businesses.

The second conclusion I have come to is that more than many entrepreneurs, their business ideas identify and provide solutions to many of life’s problems. Or should I say opportunities?

They have great stories, a passion for their work, and a drive that rivals most non-mom entrepreneurs I have met.

Youngest in age, oldest in soul

One such mompreneur Harshita Dagha, juggles swiftly between work and motherhood. “I have always fought hard to get what I really wanted, and against a lot of odds. It’s been a lengthy, lengthy journey, but I can taste bliss in every drop of sweat I’ve shed.”

The youngest mompreneur India, understands that striking the right balance is essential to both, grooming businesses as well as households. Her maturity holds the age of a 50-year-old at 28.

Babying the baby. And the business

She started with top-notch connections in the media industry given her expertise in the content domain.

Managing content for the who’s who of the industry, Harshita has carved a mark which is totally here to stay.

Feisty, fiery yet flower-like

From recent celeb interviews including Harshad Mehta (Pratik Gandhi) and Dia Mirza (TBH) to throwing light on strong titles like Rapes in India and With love, from the Bitch (storytelling), she’s out and out ferocious and untamed.

Yet, how she manages family with the softness and a completely opposite bearing is beyond anyone’s capacity.

“Everyone has both peace and storm within them. It’s essential that one understands what one needs to use where,” she explains.

Not just feathers, it’s just more hats to her hats. Hats off!

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