St. Vincent declares ’70s-inspired new album Daddy’s Home

Annie Clark has been prodding her impending collection since a month ago, with banners promoting its “[w]arm Wurlitzers and wit, glistening guitars and grit” and “sleaze and style for days” previously springing up. Yet, presently it’s true: St. Vincent’s 6th collection, Daddy’s Home, comes out on May 14. The title comes from the motivation behind the collection: Clark started putting down this account following the finish of her dad’s jail sentence, a long term imprisonment for what she portrays as “white-collar nonsense” in a Rolling Stone meeting.

As per a Daddy’s Home press release, the music is propelled by old vinyl Clark tuned in to with her father growing up, so the collection is taking on a ’70s-affected sound, especially attached to “music made in sepia-toned downtown New York from 1971-1975.” Jack Antonoff is back as co-maker, however it’s sonically as of now miles from 2017’s Masseduction.

The lead single, “Pay Your Way In Pain,” catches the quintessence of the early and mid-’70s, going full funk—yet with a particular St. Vincent wind. It’s very “What if St. Vincent made her own Young Americans?”

The video, coordinated by Bill Benz (who likewise coordinated Clark’s forthcoming, very meta film with Carrie Brownstein, The Nowhere Inn), additionally presents another stylish for St. Vincent. She’s wearing a comparative outfit to the one from the Daddy’s Home promotion banners, wearing a bounced blonde hairpiece, a woods green suit, and gold gems. As Clark says in the official statement, “Daddy’s Home collects stories of being down and out in downtown NYC. Last night’s heels on the morning train. Glamour that’s been up for three days straight.”

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