Nastaran Afshar Iranian singer, actor and performer

Nastaran Afshar Iranian singer and actress and TV host , artistically known as Queen Nastaran, was born in Ahvaz and left Iran when she was 21 years old.

She lived in Turkey for a year and then immigrated to California.

Nastaran is a graduate of Software Engineering from Iran and UCLA.

Nastaran is also from the rare family of Shah Afshar.

Factors influencing the acting of the actor

Arguably the most important issue that determines the type of play the actor has is the role he has to play.

In the first place, a good actor must also be a good anthropologist.

Some behavioral or speech characteristics of people who have the same family status, social status, nationality or ethnicity, etc.

are common. These are the typical features. For example, those who work in military environments,

such as the military, are mostly regular and punctual human beings, who act with power in their work,

who keep their legs straight and firm when walking and even when sitting, their hands They shake at important times and in a special way, and ….

These are the characteristics that the common work of these people and the characteristics that this work has created for them, of course,

we emphasize again that these characteristics are not absolute and may Some of them exist in one person and some do not.

In any case, the actor must pay attention to these typical features and in proportion to the role he plays, some of these features,

with the gestures that he takes and the postures and movements that he gives to his body, and with the look, the postures. Face and … update.

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