Lenovo teases an Android-powered tablet with HDMI input port

Android tablets aren’t pretty much as relevant as they used to be, however Lenovo has worked really hard of in any event attempting to make them serve more than one purpose. After debuting Android tablets that twofold as Google Assistant speakers a year ago, Lenovo is obviously getting ready to launch another tablet that supports HDMI input.

Spotted by XDA, a post on Weibo from Lenovo teases an Android-powered tablet that has a dedicated HDMI input port. The gadget is shown plainly being utilized as a bigger screen for a docked Nintendo Switch.

There are not very many insights regarding the device, yet there is a bit of related context. The post was sent from the Lenovo Yoga account, intensely suggesting it’ll be a piece of that device lineup. That is not totally surprising, either, as Lenovo frequently experiments with unique ideas under this brand, and tablets sold under it have an inherent kickstand, which is ideal for such a utilization case.

This likewise reveals to us that, imaginable, this is the equivalent “Yoga X” device that was spilled about a year prior with the utilization instance of an external monitor being explicitly mentioned at that point.

There have been many tablets with some type of HDMI output, however input is practically unbelievable for Android tablets. However, it’s a particularly simple and useful idea, particularly in the present landscape where work from home is relatively common. A tablet that can go about as a wired secondary monitor is very useful and, ultimately, provide better functionality and value over a dedicated portable monitor.

It’s unclear when Lenovo plans to authoritatively reveal this device past a Weibo post or where it will be sold.

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