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Well if you don’t know about Tayyab Fayyaz then here speaking about some key highlights about him. Tayyab Fayyaz is the founder of is known as Kharedari in the internet world. First, he started an E-commerce website later on Tayyab Fayyaz started a Youtube Channel to Guide people How to Buy smartphones. Besides the Pakistani Youtuber he is also known as a musical artist and Enterpernuer Tayyab Fayyaz father Fayyaz Ali is a Business Man and Tayyab Fayyaz mother Riffat Fayyaz is a household lady.

Tayyab Fayyaz starts making videos on youtube in 2019 as a Tech Youtuber. He uploads videos about the Latest Mobile unboxings, Reviews, Honest opinions, and Gaming Tests. Tayyab is Famous For his honest Reviews as it Helps a lot of people to consider perfect Phones.

Now if you search about him on youtube then you see his channel Named as Kharedari. Recently Tayyab Fayyaz opened another Channel with his own Name Tayyab Fayyaz and he is uploading short videos there.

Besides this Tayyab Fayyaz run his official website and where he provides technology-related articles. Also, they accept guest posting or provide pr services on their organization named called Kharedari. Now Tayyab Fayyaz also has Google Knowledge Panel and you can search him on Google by Writing Tayyab Fayyaz. He provides Suggestions directly on his official Instagram account @tayyabfayyaz free of cost. Tayyab Fayyaz also works as a Producer and releases individual artists’ music on top famous music streaming platforms like Spotify, amazon music, apple music, youtube music, google play music, and many more.

Tayyab Fayyaz was born in Pakistan and his hometown is Faisalabad. He did his MBA from the University of Punjab.

Tayyab Fayyaz Also has More than 57K Followers on Facebook and 31k Subscribers on youtube

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