Check out these mens fashion tips from leading brand Urban Bespoke to spice up your wardrobe

Gone are the times when a man would require only a few pieces of clothing in his wardrobe to style himself. In the last few years, fashion in general has taken a leap forward and men’s fashion is no exception. There’s so much out there for men to explore and improve their fashion game and the leading brand Urban Bespoke has a few styling tips for every guy out there.

Here are some essentials for a man’s wardrobe according to the leading consumer brand:

  • Semi formal shirts are a necessity for the everyday working man and a colour that works well is indigo. The fit depends from person to person but Indigo is the classiest of colours right up there with black and white.
  • Bowling shirts have seen a massive increase in demand, be it formal or informal events, you can rock a bowling shirt. Pair a black shirt with beige pants and you’re all set!
  • Socks play a role more important than most people realise. Spice up your fit with quirky and colourful socks and see how it changes the most boring or dull attires too.
  • Jeans are a must have for every gentleman out there but there’s so much more than just black or blue. Grab a pair of beige jeans or informal pants and pair them with white to look dapper for every outing.
  • As important as simple or plain coloured T-shirts are, don’t be afraid to opt for printed T-shirts or even ones with different coloured collars.

When it comes to fashion, there are no boundaries, men of every age group should experiment and strive to look classier and more fabulous every time they step out!

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