‘B3T ON YOURS3LF’ (B.O.Y): A sizzling new Hip Hop squad of an all girl gang – Charlie, AK, and Porsha

The group is all about feminism through their sensational hip-hop music.

It is believed that the world has always been a male-dominated society, and when it comes to music, it is visible more. Well, ‘B3T ON YOURS3LF’ (B.O.Y), is a new age hip-hop sensation by this gorgeous looking trio who stands different from each other yet similar by a passion for music. Coming from Providence, Los Angeles, and Tampa, this trio has a lot to offer in the hip-hop music world. Fighting for feminism, they aspire for women to be independent and self-assured. Their story backs to their lone journey when all they were saddened by the male-dominated society. Hailing from a poor lineage, yet wanted to achieve big in the hip-hop genre. They had their share of music rooted within themselves while incorporating it to make a whole new one, that stands unique and fresh in the hip-hop world.

Their collaboration with one another for their first new album ‘They Like’ went popular on YouTube and garnered about 800k views. Hip-hop music is all about city life to which the audience can connect. The song even comprises a rap by the trio that’s lively and enthralling to listen to and set the dance floor on fire. To everyone’s surprise, the song is not limited by hip-hop music yet a musical roar by women who own a different perspective than men and are ready to take their challenges in life.

Through their musical journey in delivering this piece, they came across the famous Lamb who introduced them to an astounding world of creating this musical art look more elegant. However, they worked an extra mile to deliver their amazing hip-hop musical sensational during the pandemic for letting the audience know about their hardship and still emerging as real winners in life. Presently, the group is working hard on their next musical note which is yet to be delivered soon earlier to this year’s end. The red-hot group of the trio has already started a collaboration with popular personalities in the musical world who will enhance the brand look. They are yet emphasizing women empowerment and there are even better to deliver from their end.

For more information and insights on B.O.Y, follow them on www.instagram.com/b3tonyours3lf

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