Alexander David Manns: YouTube Entrepreneur Influencer Chats Latest Venture

Alexander David Manns is a top American YouTube entrepreneur influencer, and high-performance business coach, who has built a multi-million-dollar business developing several e-Commerce platforms. We chatted to him about his newest YouTube channel set to inspire millions!

Welcome Alex. Can you tell us about your new YouTube Channel?

So, one day I woke up and said I want to be the best YouTuber. Just kidding, but honestly my YouTube channel is going to be different because I amgoing to be doing a variety of different niches. I will be giving money advice here and there because I always want to inspire people to chase, their dreams and that anyone can do what I do. But I mainly want it to be fun and real. Not so much editing but a lot of vlogging showing the fun side of life like challenges and pranks and funny silly moments. Traveling and making people laugh and telling cool stories. I hope that people consider me a YouTube role model one day!  

What kind of content can we expect to see? Break that out.

I think every YouTubers has a category they fit in, or niche to say, well most do I’d say. But I want to be a little different. I don’t want to be in a box or a niche,I want to try tons of different niches. I will do pranks, money giveaways challenges podcast and daily Vlogs, my team and I are also launching team ‘Game Crew’ which will be a gaming channel! It will be amazing to just game as a team kicking each other buts in Mortal Combat.

What kind of advertising do you get involved in?

I’m starting with word of mouth and rocking my own YouTube merchandise. I’ll be giving away a lot of merch at and If people like my vids they’ll definitely love the gear and hopefully more people will wear it and tell others. I think with YouTube having merch speaks for itself, as far as advertising. I mean I have a few companies that handlemy promotions, but I really want to focus on the merch aspect to kind of give everyone something they can represent with. It is like going to a Lil Wayne concert and buying a Weezie F Baby hoodie. He is the best, so people buy his stuff because it makes them feel connected. I want to be able to connect with my fans and subscribers. 

Will it be an interactive YouTube?

The goal is to produce one video a day along with being able to interact with all my fans and subscribers. I will be doing YouTube live challenges and Vlogs and also tons of podcasts with influencers. The more the better. I’ve always wanted to entertain people! People say I’m funny, but I never really see it, I am just being myself.

What is your goal with YouTube?

My goal with YouTube is to let people see the side of me that most haven’t. I mean most people know me as this guy that makes money online, so I want to show the world more so my true identity. Just starting I am already loving doing it and my goal is to inspire other YouTubers the way the ones before me inspired me. I mean being a YouTuber you make a powerful impact on people and I just want to make sure I am always making a positive impact.

Will you be collaborating with other YouTubers, if so who?

I have big plans for working with other influencers and YouTubers! I’ll let you guys find out, I don’t want to spoil the fun!

As an entrepreneur, will you be giving advice on your channel?

So, I want my channel to be different a little fun mixed with a little bit of learning. I will definitely do a mix of videos. You will get to see the fun and serious side of me!

What YouTubers do you look up to?

I look up to those that are making a difference like BullyJuice, Pewdiepie, Jake and Logan Paul, David Donbrek, Ninja, Mr. Beast even Ryan’s World at a young age is super inspiring! 

To find out more about Alexander Manns visit: or watch his YouTube Channel: Alexander David Manns – YouTube

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