A Successful Personality : Lokesh Goyal

The business world needs more people who are able to take on more responsibilities and who can be pressured by each other. Working well without worrying about work, taking the necessary stress only as job requirements are important for people who work not just one but many jobs and take on as much responsibility as possible and do not back down from challenging situations.

Lokesh Goyal is a very caring man who was a lot of people at the same time. One would expect one to confuse his actions and combine and match, they make a complete mess of everything they do at the same time. Mr. Goyal is simply built differently. Let’s take a look at the number of things he is doing right now and making the most of them all:

• He runs a foundation called Myra foundation
• Are you a bike dealer and its bodybuilders like Hero, Honda, Suzuki, Bajaj and Yamaha
• Deputy Executive Director of Fairdeal Agencies, which is a division
• Visiting teacher at IIT and IIM As a result of his Harvard graduation
• Panasonic India partner partner

If you look around, you will encounter all of the above bikes every day. Have you ever wondered who put the equipment in those bikes to make it work? Who makes sure that the outer structure and the frame are made with the utmost care, as long as it is strong? It is actually the work of Lokesh Goyal. Given this job, being the deputy director in charge of hairdressing agencies has been one of the best things that has ever happened to her. His hard work, dedication, and dedication have made him successful over time. Mr. Goyal has also received numerous prestigious awards from the Japanese government, the Taiwan department and the Commerce Federation of Delhi.
What do you think the future holds for you? Will it pull the construction machinery alone or will it contribute to better opportunities? Whatever he does, he will surely be in a better position at the time, that is guaranteed. Indeed, all his hard work will not be in vain because he has worked tirelessly for the efficient operation of Panasonic machines and bicycle structures

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