3 Reasons Why You Need A Life Coach with Liam James Collins

Some of the world’s most successful people have used a life coach. Oprah, Bill Clinton and Andre Agassi have used life coaches to become the best in their field. Entrepreneurs and world leaders know that the support of high-level consultants is essential to success. So if you’re asking yourself, “Do I need a life coach?” you’re not alone. Liam James Collins, a co-founder of the Coaching Masters, shares the need for a life coach and how the Coaching Masters can help you become the best in class. 

You feel lost

If you are still searching for your career path after fifteen years out of school or are feeling unfulfilled at work or in your relationship, then a life coach may help. Liam found himself on his journey of self-discovery after being lost in a way as well. He had gone through several career paths and experienced many highs and lows before becoming a successful life coach. 

Fear may be holding you back.

Everyone is intimidated from time to time by challenges in their lives. However, successful people know how to find their inner strength and use that fear to grow as a person instead of allowing it to hold them back. A Life Coach can help you name your fears, take action and learn how to use them as a force for success.

Liam helps his clients identify what scares them the most. “When you know what truly scares you, you can then explore the reasons why. When you know the deep reason why something scares you, you will know which one of your core values is being threatened.” This will help you to move beyond fear and become successful. When Liam faced his moment of anxiety after being in the line of a terrorist attack in 2017, he used his coaching tips to push past fear and anger to propel himself to the next level.

You have Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs are things that we believe are true. They hold us back, keep us down and upset us.

“We all have limiting beliefs. However, we can break them down and replace them with something a lot more empowering. This is a vital thing to do because limiting beliefs are the number one barrier that stands between us and taking the necessary action to be successful.”

Liam helps people break their limiting beliefs and develop empowering beliefs via a 6-stage process of:

  1. Identify one of your limiting beliefs
  2. Recognize that it is just a belief
  3. Challenge your own belief
  4. Recognize the damaging consequences
  5. Adopt a new belief
  6. Put it into practice

If you are experiencing these feelings, then a life coach can help you deal with the root causes and propel you to success. Liam James Collins and the team at The Coaching Masters are capable of helping you transform. They have created an interactive online training platform and community for coaches and aspiring coaches. Liam has done one on one coaching with individuals and is confident that his programs can help you. 

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